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Le Dimanche 19 décembre 2021

Module prestashop pour votre site e-commerce

Retrieve the products from the provider in Webshippy dropshipping to sell them on your site. Let Webshippy deliver your customers.

Les plus de ce module Prestashop

Optimise la gestion de votre catalogue
This module allows you to retrieve all products from the Webshippy catalog.
Once all you have selected the products which you want to sell, from the module you will be able to import that products to your shop. It is also possible to enable the module to create automatically the necessary categories.
Different tasks are available such as product synchronization, create/update/delete orders and stock synchronization. These tasks can be executed from BackOffice(order import and order management) or with a CRON thanks to the supplied URL.

Ce que vos clients aimeront


  • Download the module from your account
  • Go to your shop's dashboard
  • Go to Modules
  • Click Add Module and select the archive you've downloaded from your computer
  • Install the module
  • Go to module's configuration page
Get the credentials from


Be sure you visit to get your merchant credentials!

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Module Connect to Webshippy


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