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Module Cookies Module GDPR (Cookie block, Cookie blocking)

Le Samedi 18 décembre 2021

Module prestashop pour votre site e-commerce

Module blocks and provides control over cookies until the client agrees to their processing. It is a functionality required by the GDPR/RODO/RGPD/LOPD and meets the statutory requirements in 100%.The client decides which cookies to accept.

Les plus de ce module Prestashop

Améliore la sécurité de votre site
Make your store 100% safe and GDPR compliant. Cookie block.

MegaCookies - Cookie blocking
Responsive module for cookies management on PrestaShop ecommerce. Compatible with GDPR. Manage all cookies in one place.

Prepared frontend
You don't have to change much. All is ready. You can customize the colors, fonts.

Cookie scan
Megacookies module looks for cookies on your website and automatically adds them to the list where they can be managed.

Full control
No cookies are allowed to run on your website, without the user consent.

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Module Cookies Module GDPR (Cookie block, Cookie blocking)

Module Lucky Orange-Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Chat

Le Samedi 18 décembre 2021

Module prestashop pour votre site e-commerce

Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Live Chat Software, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, Polls, All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite

Les plus de ce module Prestashop

Permet d'analyser votre trafic

See exactly how many people are on your site right now and how they found you.
Quickly compare historical statistics and see what keywords, locations, referrers, tweets, languages, etc. are driving traffic and behaviors on your site, all filterable by behavior tags.

Lucky Orange will automatically create a recording of every visitor to your website. Quickly filter and segment recordings so you can see exactly why visitors are not converting.

Lucky Orange delivers beautiful heat maps that show you how people read and interact with your site.
You can segment heat map data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more.

Lucky Orange Chat integrates with your existing website and works seamlessly across multiple devices.
Chat comes loaded with powerful features including multiple operators, canned responses, and auto invites.

Conversion Funnels let you quickly see where people abandon a process on your website such as checking out or creating an account.
Clicking on a funnel step will instantly filter yourrecordings to those visitors that abandoned the funnel at that particular step.

Five distinct and highly valuable reports that give you insight into problem areas on your website's forms.
Discover which fields on your forms are causing the most friction and abandonment.

Stop playing the guessing game as to what your customers are looking for and ask them directly.
Polls are fully customizable, can have multiple questions, redirect to URLs, and can be triggered at just the right moment.


Ce que vos clients aimeront

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Enjoyable
  • Installation

  • Download the module from your account
  • Go to your shop's dashboard
  • Go to Modules
  • Click Add Module and select the archive you've downloaded from your computer
  • Install the module
  • Go to module's configuration page
  • Get your code from

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    Module Lucky Orange-Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Chat


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