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Module Carrier to Cumulate Orders in Processing

Le Dimanche 19 décembre 2021

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Displays a Carrier with Free Shipping for customers who already have an order placed in the store, and which is still being processed, for customers to receive both orders in the same package and not to pay for same shipping twice.

Les plus de ce produit

Propose un moyen de livraison adapté à vos clients
No longer have to change orders when a customer wants to add more products to an already placed order.
Cumulative orders will be easily viewed in a dedicated controller. Also, people who process orders can easily navigate between the 2 orders which facilitates and streamlines the packaging and processing the orders products.

One step Easily installation, directly from the administration panel of your store

Easy to configure
No coding needed. You can customize certain appearance settings directly from the module configuration page

Multi-Language Content
Compatible with PrestaShop Translation System, so that it can be easily translated into any language
Super fast Support
Ready to support you whenever you have a problem, including installing or configuring the module


The module is really easy to install or setup, directly from the administration panel of your store and has no special requirements:
  • Download the module from your account
  • Go to Modules Manager in your shop's dashboard
  • Click Upload Module, select the file you've downloaded on your computer, then validate the dialogue box
  • Finally click on Upload this module

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Combination features, lists & icons SuperPack

Le Dimanche 19 décembre 2021

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This pack modules allow you to visualize product combinations and features. It allow to make unique description, the unique set of features with icons for each combination and also display a list of combinations at product page as a table.

Ce que cette offre vous apporte

Optimise la visibilité de vos produits sur une marketplace

Ce que vos clients aimeront

If the product has several combinations with different attributes, by default they can differ only by the product images. The description and features of the product remain common to all combinations. The "CombiFeatures" module allows you to make a unique name, short and complete description, as well as to define a unique set of features  (also possible to set multifeatures!) for each combination of product.

The "List of combinations in the product page" module adds a list of available combinations to the product card for easy selection by customers! So the store's customers will see an individual name, description and individual characteristics for each combination of goods as well as the general list of product combinations as a table. This will allow them to quickly select a product to buy.

The Product features icons module allows you to add an image icon to each feature to make its output more visual.


The procedure of each module installation is standard! Modules can work all together or individually.

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