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Vr games for virtual center

Posté le 13/12/2021 à 04:00 - Budget : 10000

Hello community,
For the launch of a virtual reality arcade, I need content creation.
So I'm looking for people who can develop for HTC Vive Focus 3, Oculus Quest 2 and Pico Neo 3 Pro.
I insist on the fact that it will be free-roaming multiplayer spaces from 40m² to 1000m² depending on the headset and its technical limitation.
(For example, the Quest 2 blocks at 15x15, however the Vive Focus 3 is 30mx33m).
I am willing to fund one to two projects simultaneously depending on the price of the project(s).
Information for the game:
- The game must be translated into French
- The game must be launchable via a remote computer
- The game must not be present on the official helmet platforms. But an executable on the helmet directly.
- Type of game : to be defined
- Be able to identify the helmet via the player's nickname at each game
- Be able to record the score of the person and visualize it
I let you contact me with a portfolio of your realization
VR projects already done is a must have
Thank you very much

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