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Full remote software developers based only in africa for interviews

Posté le 29/10/2021 à 04:00 - Budget : 500 - 1000

Job Description : As a software engineer, you will be in charge of interviewing other developers on a dedicated platform based on your academic and professional skills and experiences (40 hours/week).
Requirements :
- A degree or certificate in software development
- Full Stack Developer
- Fluent in english
- Good interviewing skills
- Data structuring skills
- Algorithms and Graph Search
- Debugging capacity
- Etc.
*** : 40 hours/week with 300€/month fix salary + 300€ as variable depending on performance and capacity of coding on free times. This is a long term and full mission only for people based in Africa.
If you're interested, please feel free to complete the form below (you will need resume or portfolio) :
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