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Le Dimanche 19 décembre 2021

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Account deletion, closure, delegate access of multiple accounts, secondary email address etc. can be managed by your customers using this module. This will prepare your store for GDPR compliance.

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This module protects you and your business from complaints about violations of the new GDPR law.

In module configuration you can set these options:

  • Enable Customer Account Deletion
You can enable to delete customers account permanently from Customer Account section in Front Office with all their data like Login info, Address, Order history, Messages and Carts etc.

  • Enable Customer Account Closure
You can enable to close the customer account from the customer account section in Front Office. If the customer closes their account then only the login information will be deleted and all other data will be protected and if the customer creates the account again with the same email address then all their old data will be restored into their new account.

  • Enable Customer to Access Multiple Accounts
Your customer can have the delegate access of other multiple accounts and access with the same login.

  • Enable Customer to add Secondary Email Address
Your customer can add a secondary email address to his account for all notifications of his account.

  • Enable Customer to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Newsletter
With the default Prestashop setting, your customers cannot opt out later if they have subscribed to the newsletter even once, but GDPR law requires you to provide an option where they can subscribe/unsubscribe whenever they want. With this module your customers can easily subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter whenever they want.

  • Offer Cart Rule/Discount voucher
Set cart rule/discount voucher to offer to customers when they try to delete or close their account and prevent them from doing so.

  • Ask Reason for Account Removal
You can ask the reason for deleting the customer's account to understand the genuine problems of your store and rectify them.

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Your customer will get an advanced account management system in their account.

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